When your company has provided an improvement to real property that belongs to a state or public corporation and has yet to be paid, you may consider filing a “Notice Under Mechanic’s Lien Law for Account of Public Improvement”. While the purpose of public improvement liens and private (residential and commercial) liens are substantially similar, there are several key differences as well. For example, public improvement liens are filed against the funds of the state or public corporation allocated for the public improvement. Public improvement liens also must include a description of the public improvement and the contract with the general contractor for the public improvement. Most notably, public improvement liens can be filed at any time before the construction of the public improvement is completed and accepted by the state or public corporation, but by no later than thirty (30) days after the public improvement is completed and accepted. If your company had performed for a general contractor on a public project and has not been paid, let NY Lien Masters handle the preparation and filing of your public improvement lien.